Term Loan from 1-5 years

          Rates 5.49% to 23.29%

          Origination Fee: 0.99% to 6.99%

A one–off fee to cover our costs of evaluating and originating your loan. The fee is based on the strength of your credit profile and is deducted from your total loan proceeds, which means you do not pay this fee if you do not receive a loan.

Prepayment Fee: None.
Unlike other lenders, we don’t charge you anything if you repay your entire loan early.
Loans From 25K to 500K.
Qualifications: 680 Fico+ 2 Years of Business tax returns; 1 year Personal Tax returns; 6 Months of Business bank statements.
Time to Fund: 3-7 Business days



Eminence Funding can approve any business, depending on their cash flow, for a variety of different lines of credit opportunities. Terms ranging up to 18 months with early refinance options. All this works with our incredible small business lending packages.


Working capital is typically used as a financial metric to determine the financial health of a business by evaluating current assets less current liabilities. Current assets are items that can quickly be converted to cash, while current liabilities are short-term obligations due within one year.

Working capital provides a sense of financial security when it comes to making healthy business decisions. This is designed to finance the everyday operations within your business.




Been in business for at least 1 month

 Not in active BK

Min. $5,000 a month in credit card sales

We only require that your business has been processing credit cards for 60 days and that you process a minimum of $5,000 per month.